Frog Puzzle

Frog Puzzle

A game to play on a rainy day, when all the frogs in the National Park are out hopping in their ponds.


Print out the frogs and lily pads below to get started. The aim is to swop the frogs over so that they end up at opposite ends of the lily pads to where they started.


  • Only one frog can jump at a time and must jump onto a free lily pad.
  • Frogs can only jump over one frog.



To end up like this:


Once you’ve managed it with five lily pads try it with seven and see how you get on. Download and cut out your frogs and lily pads.


Top Tip: You can play this in the classroom with children being frogs and chairs being the lily pads or outside using real leaves, stones or drawn shapes in the ground as lily pads.